Job Opportunities

This is the job portal that we have realized for Intelligentia S.r.l. and where we are going to publish all the position we open for new job activities.

You will find the type of task, the contractual form, the office that is needed such resource and where probably we will request you to spend your time. There are also possibility for remote tasks (e.g. work at home, from an other Country), but in this special case further information on the contractual aspects will be clarified in a face-to-face meeting.

You may apply for a position simply by submitting the form present in each announcement and paying A LOT OF ATTENTION that the Job Code is properly setted as reported in the job description intro.

If there are not open position, but you want to be in our list of candidates for future activities, feel free to send your CV to our HR department in any moment, and write us what you would like to do… if we meet your interests with concrete needs of our company, the mix will be explosive!

Current jobs

*In trasparent the filled positions.